Ira, 27 y.o., Russia, Izhevsk
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Main info
First name: Ira
Age: 27
Location: Russia, Izhevsk
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Weight: 70kg
Height: 165cm
Eye colour: Grey
Hair colour: Blonde
Body type: A few extra pounds
On your body there are: Tattoos
Smoking Frequency: Never
Drinking Frequency: Never
Sleeping habits: I like to get up late
With information:
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English 1(Basic)
Russian 5 (Fluent)
Marital status: Single
Want children: No
Do you agree to move ?:
I agree to move to another country
Your priorities in life:
Balance of mind
Artistic self-expression
Your income: Volatile earnings
Where do you live?: I do not have my own place
What do you think about travelling and meeting expenses: I am not ready to pay
Job title: Artist
What religion do you practice?: Atheist
I want to disclose information about disability that I have: visually Impaired
Age: 25 - 50
Country: Western Europe, Eastern Europe
Weight: 40.86 - 99.88 kg
Height: 170 - 211 cm
Eye colour: Any
Hair colour: Any
Is it okay if they have children?: Yes
Body type: Any
Smokes: Occasionally
Drinks: Occasionally(Socially)
Ethnic Preference: White/Caucasian

Responses to some questions

How would you describe yourself?
A person who likes to stay at home, draw and sometimes play video games. Learn new things and listen to the stories of others. I love music (not pop!) and books.
How would you describe your ideal partner?
A good, friendly person. Addicted to video games and music. A pleasant storyteller, quite erudite. Possibly interested in bikes and rock music
If you knew the world was going to end in 30 days, what would you do?
I would do the same thing as on any other day, because this is what I like. Perhaps I used my last money to go to Iceland, to walk along the black beach.
If you had 10 million dollars to spare, what would you do with it?
I would invest part of it in stocks, part of it in the development of science. I tried to invest the main part in such a way as to increase my income in the future. And some would remain for themselves and their families.
How often, and from whom do you ask advice?
More often I make decisions myself, based on my own and other people’s experience. Sometimes with parents, since these are the ones with whom you can share any things and get an honest answer.
What quality do you value most in the people of your gender?
Honesty, loyalty, modesty, naturalness. self-education, hobbies.
What quality do you value most in the opposite sex?
Honesty, loyalty, sense of proportion, vulnerability (the ability not to hide it), politeness, sense of humor, hobbies.
What is the best advice that you give to your children?
"Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say"
What has produced the biggest impression (shock) on you?
The cruelty and stupidity of people. Never ceases to amaze.
The last books that you read?
The Kalevala
Morphine (M. Bulgakov)
The Minds of Billy Milligan (Daniel Keyes)
What are your goals now?
Leave my country. Create your own art exhibition or art project.
Whom do you admire?
A. Navalny. Eminem, Sam Lake. And my mother  
Do you have a lot of friends?
1-2 friends
What qualities do you dislike most in those of your gender?
Coquetry. Frivolity, Reluctance to learn something new (stagnation). Close-mindedness and obsession with children. Gossip. addiction to alcohol. Scandalousness
What qualities do you dislike most in the people of the opposite sex?
Stubbornness, militarization, excessive seriousness (stuffiness), narcissism, cruelty, rudeness.
What are your weaknesses?
Honesty, weight, partly indifference. Sometimes! I interrupt my interlocutor. I play a lot of video games (within normal limits)
What are your strengths ?
Honesty. albinism, ability to draw, sense of humor, attentive listener. I don’t believe in horoscopes, tarot and other esotericism. Pragmatist. Partially an ascetic. I'm not a feminist. Thrifty (I don’t like to spend a lot)
How do friends view you?
Who knows? I'm not my friends XD. I hope that a good friend who is always ready to listen to them, help with advice and hugs
What are your favourite games?
Dishonored. Prey(2017). Alan Wake 2. Control. Sacred, Destiny 2? Devil May Cry 4. Mass Effect 2, Pathologic 2, Dragon Age 2 ...
Who are your favourite writers and poets?
Mikhail Bulgakov, Irvine Welsh, Neil Gaiman, George Orwell, Isaac Asimov, J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Mariam Petrosyan, Daniel Keyes, IIlya Knabengof Jane Austen, Max Fry,
What kinds of music do you like?
Rock, classical, blues, soundtracks (for films, games, TV series...) Industrial, post-hardcore, pop-punk, ska, sometimes hip-hop. Irish folk
What are your favourite films?
Interstate 60, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The Master and Margarita (2005), The Shape of Water, The Boondock Saints, Strange Magic, Labyrinth (1986)
What is your favourite activity or hobby?
Drawing, video games, puzzles, 3d modeling (sculpting)
What is your dream job?
Gamedev. or something related to creativity.
Where do you want to live?
Suomi, England, Iceland. (Where it's cool)
Do I enjoy gardening?
Don't mind helping
Do I enjoy grocery shopping?
Do it rather than starve
Do I enjoy other types of Shopping?
Hate it
Do I enjoy cooking?
I cook rather than starve
Do I enjoy dining out?
Not really keen
When it comes to TV
Opt for a movie
When it comes to money
I buy only what I need, I save the rest
Describe myself at a party as a
Run-of-the-mill mingler
Keep my space
It's not perfect but close
Ideally I would like to live in a
house in the suburbs
Preference for pets
I have Cats
What type of television programs do I enjoy watching most?
Not provided
I enjoy spending free time
Pursuing a hobby, Watching TV or a movie, Playing on the computer
Activities that I enjoy
Sports that I enjoy watching and/or playing
Extreme sports
Forms of entertainment that I enjoy
Concerts, Movies, Museum/arts, Rap music, Rock music, Reading, Surfing the web, Video games
Other hobbies or interests
Creative writing, motorcycles, news/politics/events, photography
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